Tell Trump: Stop Dismantling the Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protect Agency recently finalized a ruling that will gut the Clean Water Act — our nation’s single most important tool in preventing water pollution — stripping protections for millions upon millions of acres of freshwater habitats.

These sweeping rollbacks will remove protections for over 6 million miles of streams and 42 million acres of wetlands, and place hundreds of endangered species – from the charismatic coho salmon to the croaking yellow-billed cuckoo – at greater risk of extinction.

Without the Clean Water Act’s protections, we have no other tools to stop polluters from dumping chemicals and pollutants into our rivers, lakes and streams.

Please sign our peition, telling U.S. President Trump to not follow through with plans to dismantle the Clean Water Act.

Dear President Trump,

Please, immediately rescind the EPA’s recent finalized ruling to dismantle the Clean Water Act. I urge you to strengthen, not weaken, our only law that protects our right to clean water. 

You are denying the overwhelming scientific consensus that our wetlands, streams, and all water bodies are connected. By removing regulations on pollution and toxic dumping, you will not only be directly contaminating over half of our wetlands and 20% of our streams, but you will threaten all bodies of water - including major drinking sources. 

Since the passage of the Clean Water Act, we have seen a major decline in waterborne diseases; pathogens, like Escherichia coli, and chemicals, like arsenic, have been almost eradicated in US waters. Why would you risk public health for the sake of industry? Especially now, during a public health crisis and global pandemic, we must be putting the health of our people and planet before all else. 

The human race and wildlife depend on clean water for survival. We are terrified that you are putting our public’s health at risk. We are  enraged that you will risk pushing hundreds of endangered species into extinction. 

I urge you to place the importance of environmental protection above industry favors and kickbacks. Thank you for your consideration.


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