Adopt a Redwood Tree

Take action on climate change by helping us plant 10,000 redwoods. Your contribution will sequester carbon and restore habitat where ancient redwood forests once grew. 

Staff, interns, and volunteers of Turtle Island Restoration Network grow coast redwoods from locally collected seeds at our native plant nursery in Northern California. After two to three years, redwood trees and other native plants are planted in carefully selected areas throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, an ecosystem where redwood trees have been reduced by 95 percent due to logging and development. Once the base of its root system is grown, a healthy redwood will grow five to six feet each year and can easily reach 150 feet within a person’s lifetime—about four times as tall as a telephone pole!

In addition to combating the impacts of climate change, your donation from adopting a redwood directly contributes to restoring and protecting these ancient species.

All levels include a personalized adoption certificate, redwood sticker, and other materials about endangered redwood trees. Adoptions have the option to be sent as a gift to an honoree, or be sent in memoriam. 

Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) is a top-rated charity.

If you would like to adopt by phone or have other inquiries, please call us at 1-800-859-7283.

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