Protect Sea Turtles, Say No to Balloons

On May 3, a critically endangered juvenile Kemp's ridley sea turtle washed up on the Texas coast. She was found entangled in balloon strings by one of our sea turtle nest patrol responders, Justin Williams, who immediately contacted NOAA.


Balloons aren’t just washing up with sea turtles on the coast. Joanie Steinhaus, our Gulf of Mexico Program Director, spoke with two charter boat captains who said they are finding balloons floating in the waters offshore because of recent cool fronts in Texas.

When balloons are released, they blow away, pop or deflate, and fall back to the Earth, usually in the ocean, as marine debris. This debris traps, entangles, suffocates and kills thousands of marine organisms every year.

Will you take the pledge to not release balloons?

I pledge to protect sea turtles and never release balloons.

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