Pledge to NEVER Use Balloons

When balloons are released they blow away, pop or deflate, and fall back to the Earth—usually in the oceanas marine debris. This debris traps, entangles, suffocates and kills thousands of marine animals every year—including endangered sea turtles.

Many turtles eat balloons because they think it is a jellyfish. When animals eat debris it becomes lodged in their digestive track, trapping air and disrupting their ability to dive down. This leads to the animal's inability to feed or protect themself and, eventually, the animal will starve to death.

Do you part to save sea turtlespledge to never use balloons!

To prevent helpless sea turtles, coastal birds, fish, and other marine wildlife from being entangled in and dying from balloon debris, I pledge to never use balloons. This includes purchasing balloons and intentionally releasing balloons into the environment.