Urgent: Tell Senate to Oppose Fossil Fuel Lobbyist Bernhardt for Interior Department


The confirmation hearing for Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is approaching, and we cannot let a long-time fossil fuel lobbyist continue to mismanage our nation's precious natural resources and public lands.

If you thought Ryan Zinke was disastrous in the role, it is possible that David Bernhardt will be even worse. Bernhardt is a walking conflict of interest with even deeper ties to special interests (in particular the oil and gas industry) and big polluters, and a more extensive history of undermining protections for land, water and wildlife.


We will not stand for an Interior Secretary who denies anthropogenic climate change is an urgent crisis, has shown vicious contempt for wildlife and habitat, and is determined to expand drilling and mining operations in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Gulf of Mexico, and across the US.


Please tell the Senate to block David Bernhardt's confirmation for Secretary of the Interior on the basis of his long and sordid history of conflicting interests, as well as his gross mismanagement of protecting wildlife, public lands and natural resources.


We all have a voice! Please email your Senators today using the form below.


Thank you for taking action.

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